Day 2

We spent the morning gathering stuff (tools, power cables, masks, food, drinks, camping chairs, tarps, equipment, etc.), then headed down to the boat to start working on it.

When we arrived at our new harbor, it felt nice! I lived at a harbor for nearly 2 years (in Honolulu, Hawai’i) and somehow boat people (particularly sailors) feel like my tribe. YES… I know! That is some hippy dippy shit, but its true for me. For the most part, sailors are rad. I think they have their priorities straight. 1. Enjoy life, 2. Sail, 3. Be outside, 4. Work. 

We set up quickly, and got sanding. We were able to sand the entire hull, just needs a bit more sanding on the bottom. We were completely covered in blue – from head to toe. We looked like smurfs. It’s exhausting work, especially in dry Utah summers. 

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