Day 5

Coming to the boat with the Gray primer really makes it look like we’ve actually accomplished a lot, which feels nice after 2 full weekends of painting.

Today we are focusing on doing a barrier coat on the bottom of the boat, and 1/2 of the Interlux topside Dark Blue. We bought a car jack to lift the boat off the trailer a few inches to get under the carpeted wooden planks that hold the boat nice and steady. Jacking the boat up a few inches is sketchy, essentially we are tilting the boat ~ 10 degrees. Yikes!

We buff the primer with 320 grit so when we finish sanding the bottom and putting the barrier coat we can move on to the topside dark blue. Painting the bottom is rough – the lack of space and air flow isn’t ideal. Ben and I take turns laying flat under the sketchy tilted boat painting while the other person refills the roller with 2 part barrier coat.

We are sticky and exhausted. It is hot and humid. I’m feeling like this boat project is never going to end.